WST 9000 mAh Slim Polymer Leather Design Power Bank Portable Charger Fast Charge 2.1 A


  • Weighs 190 g | Capacity: 9000 mAh
  • Lithium Polymer Battery | Micro, Mini, Lightning Connector
  • Power Source: AC Adapter
  • Charging Cable Included




Buy WST 9000 mAh Leather Design Power Bank Fast Charge Only At Nairobay Kenya
2.1A Output & Input Charge: DP633 Portable Charger provides Fast Charge 2.1 Ampere Input & Output. Other Power Banks take more than 12 hours for charging as they are limited to slow 1.0 A Input charging speed.
DP633 has two charging options:
an in-built wire & USB Port for using any Data Cable such as Apple & Samsung Pins both. Both charging options provide 2.1 A output to make sure charging is fast and safe.
High Capacity & Convenient Size:
This Slim-sized Power Bank is a great companion for charging Smartphones & other electronics when they are low on battery. With a charge capacity of 9000 mAh it is High Capacity and Small in Size which gives long last backup & convenient charging on the go. Using Lithium Polymer cells it is efficient, lightweight, and long lasting for non-stop daily usage.
Luxury Design & IC Protection:
Fashionable Leather design and industry standard functions make this Portable Charger appealing and safe to use. The Special Leather finish give a luxurious look & feel. IC Protection circuit protects all devices from Over-Charge, Over-Current & Short Circuit. Shake-to-Check Charge Function No need to Press a Button to check if this Portable Charger is having back up. WST Shake-to-Check function makes it easy to check the status of the Portable Charger by simply shaking it. 4 LED lights display the amount of Charge left in the Power Bank.
Industry Standard Certification:
All WST Power Banks are approved by USA & European International standards including: CE, FCC & ROHS. Quality and Eco-Friendly certifications make this Power Bank great to use for the user and environment.


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