Earldom ET-M8 Bluetooth Car Modulator,FM Transmitter


General Specification:
  • Brand: Earldom
  • Model: ET-M8
  • Color: Silver/Gold
  • USB Port: Dual USB Port
  • Input: 12-30V
  • Output: 5V/1A 5V1.5A
  • TF Card Exent: 16G(Max)


Get this Earldom ET-M8 Bluetooth Car Modulator,FM Transmitter  at Nairobay Kenya

This product has a car Bluetooth hands-free phone, car Bluetooth FM transmitter vehicle charging car MP3 card recognition of the integrated function.

GT86 is a special Bluetooth FM transmitter, Bluetooth hands-free car, car mp3. He uses a professional high-performance Bluetooth module, built-in MP3/WMA decoder chip, the U disk can be

Or in the TF Card music files wirelessly to the car stereo. And, as long as your phone is equipped with Bluetooth, you will be able to send your phone music to your car stereo, call

Can switch to the hands-free state, the end of the call, will automatically switch to the music player. Metal hose can be adjusted angle

PS: select the FM channel, to choose the empty channel, no local radio occupation!


1, Bluetooth FM transmitter: mobile phone, U disk, TF card, MP3 inside the music sent to car audio playback

2: car charging: you can through 2 USB interface to the phone /iPad smart charging.

3, car Bluetooth hands-free: mobile phone can be a hands-free call via bluetooth.

4, car USB: you can read through the USB interface of the U disk, or read TF card slot

5, hi fi stereo, using DIGITAL, PLL PLL Technology

6, LCD display frequency, choose more convenient;

7, full frequency point emission (up to 200 frequencies can be selected)

8, with power off memory, can store the frequency of the current play

9, direct buttons, play / pause, the next song / next song

New private car Bluetooth hands-free car Bluetooth hands-free car Bluetooth charger car Bluetooth

Product characteristics:

1, FM FM transmitter

2, frequency and voltage display window

3, independent Bluetooth startup / shutdown button

4, line audio input

5, support the use of U disk music

6, support MP3/WMA music format

7, using Bluetooth to answer / end / reject / resend

8, Bluetooth stereo music player

9, call echo cancellation and noise reduction (CVC) technology

10, USB output voltage can be provided to other devices voltage up to 5V/2.5A

11, power failure frequency automatic memory function

12, car battery voltage display

13, car MP3


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